About us


To build English language proficiency in the youth of Gujarat and thereby provide employment opportunities for them.


To train, assess and certify 5 lakh youth in English as per international standards in a period of five years through partnerships - PPP (Public Private Partnership) and ITP (Institutional Training Partnership).

  1. To act as an autonomous and independent body to implement English language teaching in Gujarat and outside Guajrat.
  2. To aid and promote advancement of communication skills in English by imparting training to the youth of 15-35 years of age group.
  3. To identify partners to serve the purpose for imparting and enhancing English language teaching.
  4. To monitor the functioning of the training centres run by the identified partners.
  5. To prepare an appropriate curriculum for various levels of need based training programmes.
  6. To prepare need based training modules for English language teaching.
  7. To encourage use of technology in English language teaching.