Exam Management

SCOPE Conducts online exams for the following tests:

1. Fully online exam called CEPT (Cambridge English Placement Test)
2. Computer Based Test (offline and online) - BULATS (Business Language Testing Service)
3. Fully online BULATS Speaking exam

The question papers and question databank are provided by the respective test providers e.g. Cambridge English and Boston Educational Services. For computer based Listening and Reading test, students get the questions on their screen in the computer lab and may get the result before they leave the exam centre. For computer based spoken English test, audio files are assessed by test providers and result is given to the candidate in a couple of weeks.


There are six levels of exam as below:

Elementary (Basic) level : A1 , A2

Advanced level : B1 , B2

Proficient level : C1 , C2

SCOPE is strived to maintain utmost security and integrity in the examination process. For this, there is a huge databank of questions and all the students appearing for the exam in a room get different set of questions. The exam is also adaptive. It means that as per the response submitted by the candidate, the difficulty level of the exam changes accordingly. So, a single exam tests the proficiency of a candidate from lowest level A1 to highest level C2.
Specially trained Invigilators are deployed at each exam centre to verify and check the identity of the candidate and orient them properly before start of the examination.

SCOPE Examination Part: Length, Format and Fee for rescheduling exam: SCOPE (Society for Creation of Opportunities through Proficiency in English) has been setup by the Government of Gujarat to build English language proficiency in the youth of Gujarat and thereby creating employment opportunities for them. More than 800 colleges is associated with SCOPE programme SCOPE English takes into account the daily routine examples of sustenance. SCOPE teach functional English with these skills- Listening, Reading and Speaking at six level. i.e A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Each level is of 90 hours duration. There are various level of English training to meet the needs of learners.  For registration process there are three methods, if your college is register under Open Assessment Scheme then the candidate can appear directly for the exam by without taking training or the candidate can be trained by the trainer for 90 hour. The fee for the same you can find: (OAS fees)- College have to fill Candidate Registration Form. The cost of exam form is Rs. 2/- per form. The DD/’At par cheque' can be made in favour of  "CEO, SCOPE", payable at Ahmedabad. No cash payment will be accepted. The filled-in CRFs need to be submitted latest as per the announcement of SCOPE Exam to the following address:

Concepts Eduserv Pvt Ltd.
Office no. 409-412, 4th floor, Advait complex Nr. Sandesh press
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad
Helpline No. 079- 40030058
(M) 9712496432
email : scope.exams_1@conceptsedu.com

Please DO NOT STAPLE any document/photograph with CRF forms. In case any CRF is found incomplete, it will not be accepted and returned to the college.
A covering letter clearly indicating the exam level (CEPT or BULATS) and number of students, students list, DD number and DD amount should be attached with the CRF forms at the time of submission. If a candidate wishes to appear in two exams, separate forms are required to be filled up by him/her.
The fees to be charged from each candidate will be Rs. 350/- for CEPT and Rs. 840/- for BULATS. The entire fee is required to be submitted with SCOPE. The reimbursement of Rs.75/- per candidate would be made only for those candidates who are present in the CPT examination and successfully complete it and reimbursement of Rs. 150/- per candidate would be made only for those candidates who are present in the BULATS examination and successfully complete it. The reimbursement forms should be submitted within 15 days of completion of the exam.
The exam schedule will be shared with you and a time frame of THREE days will be given to you for suggesting any changes in the schedule. Any viable and possible change will be done by SCOPE free of cost. However, once the schedule is finalized, after the given time frame window has been elapsed, SCOPE would not consider any request for change of schedule. Under emergency situations, if it is done in any case, SCOPE would charge Rs. 100/- per scheduled candidate. So please take into account any internal exams, practical exam, university exam schedule or any other event in your college and suggest changes in our first schedule within THREE days of receiving such information.
Those colleges, who have been earmarked as Exam Centres, are requested to make sure that their DEL Laboratory is fully functional with at least 10 internet connections. The exam agency (Concepts Eduserv) would visit the lab one week before the commencement of the exam for checking the status of lab. You are requested to coordinate with the agency well in time. As per the instruction from Commissioner, Higher Education, it is the college's responsibility to make their labs fully functional and operational. Concepts Eduserv would help you for minor repairs while checking the lab. The remuneration earned/to be earned @Rs. 75/- per candidate can be spent on the maintenance/repairs of lab.
The exams, which SCOPE conducts with support from Cambridge University, are considered the World's most valuable qualification in English in the world. Kindly take full advantage of the schemes offered for students by SCOPE.