Name Correction Fee 200
Late Fee 100
Duplicate Certificate Fee 200
Exam Rescheduling Fee 100
Reports 1000
Candidate Registration Form 2
Book A1 Cengage Learning Fee 200
Book A2 Cengage Learning Fee 200
Book B1 Cengage Learning Fee 225
Book B2 Cengage Learning Fee 225
Language in use CPT fee 200
10 DVDs Set 300
Centre Registration Fee 10000
Zonal Training Partner Registration Fee  1000000
CPT EXam Fee for OAS 350
BULATS Exam Fee for OAS 600
CPT with training as in DELL Exam Fee 700
BULATS with training as in DELL (OAS) Exam Fee 1200
BULATS Speaking  250
CPT Exam fee for private centre 1550
BULATS Exam Fee for private centre 1800
C level (BULATS/CPT) Exam fee for by private Centre 2200
Corporate Segment A, B, C level Exam fee for private Centre 3200
Book - BULATS B Level (TSI) 350
Book - CPT A Level (TSI) 200